How much am I charged for bandwidth overages?

Bandwidth overages are charged at the competitive rate of only $0.55/GB. If you exceed the bandwidth included with your hosting service for any month, you will be charged automatically for those overages at a rate of $0.55 per gigabyte (GB).

Please note that we monitor the bandwidth usage real time of every client on our network. We calculate the usage monthly based on the 95 percentile rule. Once our bandwidth monitors reports an overage for your hosting service or a constant spike of traffic you will receive an email notification containing additional details.
Daily, Weekly and Monthly reported can be set to be sent automatically sent for your records.










95th percentile

The 95th percentile is an industry standard mathematical calculation used to evaluate the regular and sustained use of a network connection. We ignore the top 5% of the samples (hence 95th percentile).

The 95th percentile allows a customer to have a short (less than 36 hours, given a monthly billing period) burst in traffic without overage charges. The 95th percentile says that 95% of the time, the usage is at or below this amount. Conversely, 5% of the samples may be bursting above this rate.
Our sampling interval, or how often samples (or data points) are taken is 300 seconds (e.g., five minutes). This represents the number of bits transferred throughout the interval divided by the duration of the interval (e.g., 300 seconds). The resulting value represents the average use rate for a single sampling interval and is expressed as bits per second.