Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of  frequently asked questions by our prospect and current clients. If you don’t find an answer to any question you may have, please contact us.

Yes. Our facilities are open 24/7. However an access request must be submitted at least one hour before arriving to any facility.
Yes. We are carrier neutral. You can order bandwidth and cross connect to 300+ carriers available.
You can use our routers for a small fee or you will need to bring in your own router (refer to #17)
Yes. TimeWarner Business Cable service is available.
Yes. All our cabinets and devices are connected to a remote managed power distributions unit (APC) as a standard at no cost.
No. We do not block any ports.
Yes. We offer a range of firewall/VPN services.
Please contact your sales representative for more details.
Yes. We offer several Load Balance solutions.
Please contact your sales representative for more details.
Yes. We will gladly announce your IP space for a small monthly routing fee.
Our remote hands charge is currently $75/hour
Yes. Audit report is provided on request.
Yes. You can ship/mail your servers directly to our data centers.
Yes. All our packages are based on a twelve (12) months contract.
Please refer to our MSA for more details.
Yes. A+B power can be ordered with any full cabinet colocation package.
No. Our data centers are all on full floor Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system.
Yes. 208V power can be ordered, however standard power is 120V.
No. You do not need to bring in your own switch. However for multi server colocation and for local (inter server traffic i.e database, backup, sync, etc…) we strongly recommend that you bring in your own switch. A managed 12-24 port switch is optimal, but a small 5-8 port gig switch will do just fine.
We use the industry standard 80% power usage policy, and we monitor usage real time. If at anytime you utilize more than 80% of your allotted power, we will upgrade your power allotment and you will be charged for power overages. This keeps our power system and your equipment safe from spikes and/or service interruption due to breaker tripping.
Yes. You can bring in your own router or layer 3 switch if you want to bring in and manage your own bandwidth.