RackAlley Sauce

Reliable, Secure and Affordable

At RackAlley we have adopted a simple yet effective sauce for the highest customer satisfaction.

  • Facilities

    We pride ourselves by offering premium colocation, cloud and dedicated servers. We deploy our footprints in state of the art Tier 3 data centers, currently in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Fully compliant and audited for the highest standards of the hosting industry. Our facilities infrastructure is fully redundant, monitored 24/7 and constantly checked for any signs of errors. Routine preventive maintenance is performed to minimize the risk of any failure.
  • Network

    We run a Premium multi-homed IP Network designed from the ground up for maximum uptime and reliability. We have partnered up with multiple transit and bandwidth Tier 1 providers with 100% Uptime SLA to connect directly to major backbones and provide one of the fastest and highest capacity networks in the industry. 100% Uptime, low latency and low jitter is our number one priority and ultimate goal. We are also 100% IPv6 ready!

  • Data Centers Security

    Security is our middle name. We have multiple layers of physical security consisting of three to four barriers before anyone is physically near any equipment. Access cards, biometrics and closed circuit cameras are standard.

    Digital security is another story. We are constantly upgrading to the latest proven technologies and adopting new procedure so that your valuable data is always protected.

  • Hardware

    Our hardware partners are the industry leaders. Cisco, Dell, HP and APC enterprise grade is what you see everywhere in our footprints. High availability and fault tolerant is almost our trademark.

    Then to prevent unscheduled customer downtime, we make it a commitment to always refresh the hardware before its expected end of life. Colocation clients are also regularly alerted if any alarms are detected.

  • Sales & Support

    A team of well-rounded experienced sales and support staff is available round the clock to answer any question and tend to any problem. We will architect and implement complex systems and bend backward for your satisfaction. Redundant Support™ model is in place to compliment our staff in case of major issues.

  • Pricing

    Our pricing is highly competitive for the level of service we provide.  Many value added services are offered at no extra cost. We do not have any hidden charges and we do not nickel and dime our customers. At the same time we are not a “cheap” provider and our clients are vetted to ensure a solid stable network environment.

The end result is a solid network with maximum uptime and one of the highest customer service experience in the industry