Cross connects or cross connections are physical cables (copper/coaxial/fiber) that allow you to establish direct connections between two different termination locations within our data centers; typically from a network provider/carrier and your deployment within our footprint. By selecting RackAlley as your colocation provider, you automatically gain the right to easily connect to over 300 carriers within One Wilshire Building in downtown Los Angeles. Hence your network diversity, resiliency, traffic exchange and uptime can be greatly improved.

To make provisioning cross connects a fast and easy process, our data centers are pre-wired to the fourth floor meet me room (MMR) in One Wilshire Building. Cross connect orders are completed within 48 hours or less from the time LOA/CFA letters are received. We offer competitive cross connect pricing from point A to point Z on a month to month term, allowing you to scale quickly and easily as your business grows.

The three main types of Cross connects offered:

Fiber cross connect
Copper cross connect
Coaxial (coax) cross connect


Fiber cross connect can be ordered as Single Mode (SM), Multi Mode (MM) with either LC or SC type connectors and are conveniently dropped in the customers cabinet. Copper cross connects are only offered at 100M port speed and are set to Full Duplex by default. Coax cross connects are less common but can be ordered at anytime. All cross connects are subject to a one time non recurring fee (NRC) and a monthly recurring fee (MRC).

At Rack Alley we are committed to the highest customer satisfaction and carrier neutrality. Unlike other colo providers, our cross connects can be ordered with any size colocation (whether it be a small 1u, 2u package to a half cab, full cab or cage package. Please contact us for a full list of carriers available.


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